Course: Writing columns editors can't resist

Writing columns editors can't resist

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About this Course

 Always been jealous of the ease with which professional columnists (seem to) write their texts? It's far from easy: putting some trivial issue into such words that the text will really entertain the reader or exactly touch the sore spot (ouch!)

You don't have ample space: a few hundred words at max. In a good column, every phrase, every word, yes, even every comma is just in the right place.

Writing columns is a craft. And therefore... you definitely CAN learn how to do it!

In this special course, I will tell you all I know about writing columns. I will show you my approach, my way of working. I will give you insights in my own writing process plus sufficient starting points and clues in order to get started yourself. But even more important: with my methods and working approach, you will know how to differentiate yourself from your competitors!

All my knowledge of column writing, based on over fifteen years' experience, compressed into one great course!

Basic knowledge
  • You have to be sure about your writing ambitions, your motivations and perseverance. No further knowledge is necessary: it is a complete course, after all!
What you will learn
  • The ability to write professional columns that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd of competitor columnists
Number of Lectures: 37
Total Duration: 02:18:40
Course Structure
  • Welcome & The Personality Of a Columnist  

     Welcome to my course on Writing Columns and thank you for your trust! You will definitely learn a lot during this course, I promise. Every lecture contains a substantial amount of information. That shouldn't really come as a surprise, as there is a lot of knowledge to be shared about the writing of columns.

    That is why I've chosen a course format with which you're not only able to hear what I have to tell: you can also read and see it by means of clear, to-the-point whiteboard-style animations. That'll make quite a difference!

    From the multiple testing I've done with trial students, I've concluded that the following way of studying works best:

    1. Limit yourself to working through two, maximum three lectures a day.
    2. Always watch the video first.
    3. Then attentively read the accompanying text (pdf-file) to the video you've completed (you'll find the download link of each lecture in text below the video).
    4. Eventually, watch the video one more time.

    Try to immediately apply the things you've learned while writing your own columns. For this, you can also use the checklist you'll find at the end of the course (bonus section). In this special bonus section, you'll also find the complete e-book (all lectures bundled in one pdf-file of 167 pages) of the course as well as a list of 24 useful writing tools.

    I wish you a great time during the study of this course on Writing Columns, for this is absolutely the most important thing: taking pleasure in writing itself! Only this way, you'll be able to make sufficient 'flight time' and gather the necessary experience. Yes, this is indeed the only way to continuously improve yourself. Until the very moment you've truly become what I am now: a professional columnist!

    For now, I would just like to thank all the people and companies that have helped me making this course. Without their work and dedication, I would never have succeeded in creating this course for you.

    My special thanks to:

    Voice-over: Millian Quinteros

    Whiteboard-style animations: VideoScribe

    Illustrations: and VideoScribe

    Translations from Dutch to English: SoGraTex - Louise M. Bartels

    Course-integrated videos

    'Creativity requires TIME':

    'The Gap':

  • What is a column and what isn't?  
  • The Half hour Lie  
  • The 10 Percent Rule  
  • A Safe Column Is No Use At All  
Your Subject
  • Be Prepared  
  • Finding Your Subject  
  • Elaborating On Your Subject  
  • Creativity Is Not a Talent  
  • Why You Get Your Best Ideas In The Shower  
  • Eleven Ways To Boost Your Creativity  
How To Start a Column
  • The First Paragraph Should Do The Trick  
  • Sixteen Ways Of Opening a Column  
Wrinting Columns: The Five Pillars
  • 1) One Subject Is Enough  
  • 2) About The Sparrow That Dropped Dead From The Rooftop  
  • 3) The True Value Of 'Show Don't Tell'  
  • 4) Put Your Column In The Right Shape  
  • 5) The Unexpected Angle: 99+ Variations  
Ho To Finish Your Column
  • Rounding Up a Column: The Finishing Touch  
  • Seven Ways Of Ending a Column In Style  
  • The Title  
The Secret Of Expressive Writing
  • In The Mind Of The Reader  
  • Details  
  • The Secret Of Good Dialogs  
  • Past Or Present Tense?  
  • There's Something Wrong With Certain Words  
  • Five Additional Tips For Expressive Writing  
The Four Stages Of Rewriting
  • Why Rewriting Is Essential  
  • 1) On Column Level  
  • On Paragraph Level  
  • 3) On Sentence Level  
  • 4) On Word Level  
  • The Importance Of a Co-Reader  
Getting Published
  • Get Your Unique Position  
  • This Is How An Editor Will Notice You  
  • How To Handle Readers' Criticism  
  • The Complete E-Book Of This Course  

    Including 24 Writing tools and a complete checklist for your column!

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