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Bioenergy Healing

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About this Course

I want to share with as many people as I can that anyone can be a healer and how they can use the passing of hands to lift the energies of another person and help improve their health or speed recovery time.

I am not teaching this so that people will stop taking prescribed medication that must always be discussed with their doctor first. Because by helping someone lift their energy the medication may work quicker and this is about offering more energy to a person so that their physical body can speed up the healing process as an adjunct to whatever they need to do to return to optimum health.

So by lifting someone’s energy we are giving the best chance of a speedy recovery this is not to say that at times you will see magically quick recoveries before someone has even sought their doctors help but it is important to always use whatever means that are at your disposal for healing to happen.

There are many types of energy healing Reiki, Chios. Qigong, Spiritual Healing, Yoga, Meditation some are very disciplined others need specialised attunements sometimes just a kind word at the right time can promote healing.

You are not going to need any of these disciplines or attunements for to be a healer all you will need is a few basic hand positions and moves plus the use of your imagination and intention.

Intention will be one of the most important factors for this healing to work because when you place your intention or attention somewhere ( Where attention goes energy flows )

A simple example of how intention and energy work is when you think of someone and the phone rings and there they are either you have picked on their intention to ring or they have picked on you thinking about them either way you both are on the same frequency or wave length.

Basic knowledge
  • All you need is a desire to learn and have two hands to experience the energy that is all around you
What you will learn
  • In this course I will show you how to connect with another person’s energy so that you are working at the same energy frequency
  • How you can feel the subtle sensations of someone’s energy field
  • How to clear away unwanted energy
  • How to add more energy to someone energy field
  • How to sensitize your hands to the human energy field
Number of Lectures: 18
Total Duration: 00:38:40
Welcome to This Healing Course
  • Welcome  

    A brief introduction

Healing Demonstration
  • Mini Outdoor Healing Demonstration  

    In this video I am demonstrating how easy it is to give a healing session anywhere even outdoors

This is another Demonstration of Healing
  • Demonstrating Healing with Technique Description  

    You can just follow along and do exactly as I do to begin giving a healing session to anyone

Step By Step Lessons in Healing
  • Connecting to the Energy Field  

    Connecting to the Energy Field at the back

  • Connecting to the Energy Field in front  

    Connecting to the Energy Field in front 

  • Adding Energy to the Head and smoothing out the energy  

    Adding Energy to the Head and smoothing out the energy 

  • Adding Energy to the Spine  

    Adding Energy to the Spine 

  • Adding Energy to the third eye  

    Adding Energy to the third eye

  • Adding Energy to the Heart Chakra  

    Adding Energy to the Heart Chakra 

  • Scanning the front  

    Scanning the front 

  • Clearing Energy In front  

    Clearing Energy In front 

  • Clearing Energy from a specific location  

    Clearing Energy from a specific location 

  • Clearing Energy down the arm  

    Clearing Energy down the arm 

  • Adding Energy To a specific location  

    Adding Energy To a specific location 

  • Adding energy to the body  

    Adding energy to the body 

  • Smoothing and Closing the Energy Field  

    Smoothing and Closing the Energy Field 

  • Jump Starting The Energy after closing the field  

    Jump Starting The Energy after closing the field 

  • Before you Start Healing  

    Before you Start Healing 

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