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Outdoors Yoga

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About this Course

Hi, I’m Maya and thank you for being interested in my course. I’m creator of course Outdoors Yoga. Course contains 3 sections and 6 lectures. Each section has 2 lectures. First lecture is actually explanation what we’re doing in this section and the other one is video with detailed instructions. Each section has downloadable material with further details. This 30 min system combine beauty of the nature and power of yoga. This is a perfect course for all of you who like to spend your free time outside, enjoy hiking or just walking in the park. This short course is designed to practice it outside while doing some other activity. For example – you’re hiking, you need a break to relax and energize yourself. Take a deep breath and do yoga! Go throw these asanas, relax and you’re ready to go back to your previous activity. But don’t forget, you can also practice this course in the comfort of your living room. If you feel constantly tired or stressed this short course is also for you. It takes only 30 min with relaxation included. Practicing yoga is unique experience for everyone. In Yoga there is no competition, no pain and no stress. Yoga is not only practicing, it’s a way you live your life. You need at least three months constant practicing yoga to feel its great influence to your life. 

Basic knowledge
  • This course is designed for ALL LEVELS, with videos and practices for beginners, intermediate and advanced as well. This is actually for all of you who want to feel great benefits of yoga and incorporate them in your life
What you will learn
  • Standing poses are foundation of many poses and they require strength and flexibility at the same time. Practicing these asanas we’re improving strength, flexibility but focus and concentration as well
  • Sanskrit word ASANA which terms yoga pose in general, literary means “sitting pose”. This is one of the reasons why some classes begin with sitting asanas. Sitting asanas are also related with advanced level of yoga practice. They basically improve natural flexibility of lower back, hips and pelvis
  • In this section we’ll go throw lying positions, face upwards. There are also lying positions, face downwards. Relaxation in Shavasana is way how most of yoga classes end. That’s relaxation for all parts of body and mind at the same time
Number of Lectures: 16
Total Duration: 01:10:00
Focus and Concentration
  • Standing Asanas  

    In general, Standing poses are foundation of many poses and they require strength and flexibility at the same time. Practicing these asanas we’re improving strength, flexibility but focus and concentration as well.

    When we practice standing asanas our weight is on our feet. Feet are only structure in our body which evaluated on the way to keep our body in position characteristic only for human being.

    Sometimes in yoga practice first lessons are about learning to maintain an upright body position. In this section we’ll go through Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Vrkasana (Tree Pose) and Natarajasana (Lord of the Dance Pose).

    Some yoga teachers considers that Tadasana (Mountain Pose) should be done the first in one yoga class. That’s because it is very similar how we should be standing all time. The only difference is Tadasana our palms are directed to our thighs, not forward. Practicing standing asanas, especially this one is good way to give your feet strength and flexibility. Strong and flexible feet are good base for strong and flexible body.

    Vrkasana (Tree Pose) is challenging balancing pose. Improve your balance and concentration using a point in front of you. Using the focus point we are thought to look outward while the awareness is inward. To help you balance it’s ok to use a wall (or tree if you are in the nature) to put your hand on if you think you could lost your balance.

    Natarjasana (Lord of the Dance Pose) is standing balancing asana. Improves concentration and balance but tones and lengthens leg and hip muscles, stimulates full motion of the shoulders and opens chest fully. There are a lot of variations of this asana but in this section we’ll practice one of the basic.  If your balance is on the low level, feel free to use wall or chair to help your self during practicing this asana.

  • Focus and Concentration  
  • Focus and Concentration - 2  
  • Video Lesson 1  
  • Video Lesson 2  
  • Video Lesson 3  
Sitting Asanas
  • Sitting Asanas  
  • Sitting Asanas - 2  
  • Healthy Hips, Joints and Abdomen  
  • Healthy Hips, Joints and Abdomen - 2  
  • Video Lesson 4  
  • Video Lesson 5  
  • Video Lesson 6  
Lying Asanas
  • Lying Asanas  
  • Strong Lower Back  
  • Video Lesson 7  
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