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Yoga for Better Sleep

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About this Course

This is an accessible yoga training for you to do at home. It contains tools that everyone (beginners & advanced) can implement easily to improve sleeping.

I’ve had insomnia for years, because I had a mind that was unable & unwilling to calm down. This course will give your mind the knowledge how to let go & how to relax.

  • In this training you’ll find a 10 minute yoga class that you can do 60-30 minutes before stepping into your bed
  • There’s a Yoga Nidra class (sleep yoga). Yoga Nidra is an amazing tool that goes further & deeper than normal meditation. This audio is 40 minutes but don’t let the length blow you off.  The Yoga Nidra session will take out ‘old roots’ and plant new healthy ideas. Open your mind and use it multiple times to get the ultimate responds of it
  • You’ll also find a video where I’ll explain 3 breathing exercises that you can implement before bed-time or even when you’re in bed lying awake
  • I also reveal a brilliant “golden tip” that’s so simple, and what helped me to stop the thoughts.
  • You'll receive my e-book with 21 tips for better sleep
  • Plus you’re awarded with a bonus sleep meditation
Basic knowledge
  • You can enroll in this course with no knowledge about yoga or meditation. Have an open mind and be willing to practice and implement on a daily level and miracles will happen
What you will learn
  • You'll become aware of what activates your brain and how it calms down so you can implement these simple and small (for some big) changes to improve your sleeping habit
Number of Lectures: 7
Total Duration: 01:17:28
21 Tips for Better Sleep
  • 21 Tips for Better Sleep  

    Here you find 21 tips that are easy to implement in your daily schedule. This e-book is to inspire you. Play with each tip and see whether it has a positive effect on your sleeping habit. Your mind (ego) will give you resistance. This resistance will keep you in your current sleeping mode. Willingness to go beyond the resistance will get you out of your comfort zone so you're able to grow. Explore, be curious and change will come.

  • Yoga class for better sleep  

    I’ve suffered from insomnia because I had a mind that was unable & unwilling to calm down. This simple and short yoga class is perfect to calm your mind. You can do this yoga class at any moment of the day, but for those who have trouble falling asleep I would advice to start a 'going-to-bed' ritual. Do this yoga class 60 to 30 minutes before stepping into your bed. It'll prepare your mind for sleep.

  • Yoga Nidra for better sleep  

    Yoga Nidra takes you through five Kosha’s (body’s). You are completely free. There’s no wrong here. All I ask of you is to follow my voice from point to point and stay aware. Some of the visualisations might be a bit ‘out there’ but we need you to get out of your sceptic/critical voice.

    This Yoga Nidra is designed to relax your body from the out- & inside and it will lead you to the “Reset” button so that the engine of your inner mind can get to sleep mode.

  • Affirmation 1  

    Repeat this affirmation as many times as possible today! Positive affirmations help to restore the balance. It might feel awkward at first, but the moment when you start believing it, is when shifts occur. 

  • Breathing Exercises & the Golden Tip  

    Breathing is the one thing that is always there. And it has magical powers, because it calms the mind down. Check out this video and start implementing moments of breathing throughout your day. Also I reveal a golden tip that helped me to silence the active mind. 

  • Affirmation 2  

    Repeat this affirmation as many times as possible today! Positive affirmations help to restore the balance.

  • Sleeping Meditation  

    This meditation is great to do right before going to bed or if you feel you need a refresher during the day. 

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